We work very closely with a reputable bus company called Wheels School Transport, in order to provide a first class transportation service for children that opt to take the bus. Velocity Bus Transport is strongly committed towards providing quality transportation by maintaining the highest level of safety along with outstanding customer service and positive employee relations.

Wheels School Transport will work closely with the School’s administration team and with you, the parents, to ensure that your child’s journey to and from school is the safest and most efficient possible. With getting to school, safety is our utmost concern and as such we ensure that our buses meet and exceed Abu Dhabi Education Council requirements.

All buses are installed with GPS and CCTVs, and additionally, a dedicated Support Assistant will always be on the bus with your children to make sure they are seated with their seatbelts fastened. The Support Assistant will also make sure students move to their classrooms on time and arrive home safely from the bus.

All families who wish to use the bus service are kindly asked to complete the Bus Service Request Form and the Bus Services Agreement and to submit them to the transport Department

You will then be contacted to be advised of the routes, timings and service.