World Scholar Cup

This is an after school activity and a very important engagement in developing our academic curriculum. Students learning is enriched through participating in these events. The students will have the opportunity to develop their emotional and social intelligence.

This is an international academic competition held every year throughout the world.

Creative British School joined the World Scholarship Cup competition held at Brighton College last February 5-6, 2016. With the support of the school management team headed by the school Principal Miss Kim Migneron with Mr. John Mbugua, the English Subject Coordinator, Miss Safa Thaneesh, the Mathematics Subject Coordinator and Miss Agafe Joy G. Diaz an English Teacher, Coach and the trainer.

Accomplishment during the competition:

Maryam Mohammed Ali Ahmed (9G)

  • Individual Writing  - 3rd Place (Gold Medal)
  • Collaborative Writing  - 5th Place (Gold Medal)
  • Team Debate  - 6th Place (Gold Medal)
  • Team ball  - 5th Place (Gold Medal)
  • School Top Scholar  - Gold Medal

Renad Raed Abdul Rahman Anabatawi (9G)

  • Collaborative Writing  - Gold Medal
  • Team Debate  - Gold Medal

Sumaya Abdrahman Adarus (9G)

  • Collaborative Writing  - Gold Medal
  • Team Debate  - Gold Medal
  • Scholars Ball  - Gold Medal

Rodayna Wael Farouk (8G)

  • Da Vinci Award  - Gold Medal
  • Team Debate  - Silver Medal

Salam Ahmed (8G)

  • Da Vinci Award  - Gold Medals
  • Debate Team  -Silver Medal

Nawar Badrel Din (8G)

  • Da Vinci Award  – Silver Medal
  • Debate Team  – Silver Medal

Mariam Saifeldin (7G)

  • Individual Writing - Gold Medal
  • Collaborative Writing  - Gold Medal
  • Scholars Ball - Siver Medal
  • Da Vinci Award - Gold Medal

Ruaa Mohammed Mustafa Ali (7G)

  • Collaborative Writing  – Silver Medal

Fatima Elzahra Abdel Hai Elrayah (7G)

  • Debate Team  – Gold Medal

Daad Ahmad – (7G)

  • Debate Team  – Gold Medal
  • School Top Scholar  - Gold Medal

Sama Tarek Hussein Sharaf (7G)

  • Debate Team  – Silver Medal