In accordance with Policy 49 of the ADEK Private Schools Policy and Guidance Manual, the Creative British School offers a program of Extra – Curricular Activities (Clubs) on a Sunday afternoon from 2.10pm to 3.10pm during Term 1 ad Term 2.

Teachers offer clubs based on their own skills and interest areas. Football, basketball, badminton, and cricket are always popular. There is often a dance club offered to girls for fun and fitness. In the primary school (grades 3 to 5) there is often movies in both English and Arabic, board games and indoor games, art and craft using paper and recycled items, French Club to extend their enjoyment of the curriculum area and story time in the library. Some specialty clubs have included Cursive writing, movie making and Horticulture. In the secondary school (grades 6 – 12) a lot more focus is placed on extending students’ classroom studies. We have had clubs supporting students taking IGCSE , A level and A* level exams in Science, Math and ICT. Clubs such as Chess, Scrabble, Damath, Debating, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) use games and activities to develop and enhance critical thinking skills. Specialty clubs such as cooking, hand embroidery, acting and study of the Qur’an, offer useful life skills. At the start of each term students will be given a list of clubs available for that term. The form will describe the activity being offered and name the teacher in charge of the activity. Students are requested to select 3 choices and show them using the number 1 for their first preference, the number 2 for their second preference and the number 3 for their third preference. Parents are asked to sign the form to indicate that they approve of the choices made.

Students are allocated to Clubs in the order that their form is received. If their first preference is full and therefore no longer available, they will be allocated to their second preference. If it is full, they will be allocated to their third preference. If it is full, they will be spoken to directly to find a satisfactory compromise. If a form is not completed properly it will be processed last. Once students are allocated to a club, they cannot change to another club until the following term. Children who do not hand in a club form will be allocated to any club that has space available. Students are expected to be punctual to their allocated club every week as attendance is recorded. Non-attendance (without notification beforehand) or repeated lateness will result in the same disciplinary action it would for any other lesson.

If a parent does not wish their child/ren to attend clubs, they are requested to complete the necessary form in a timely fashion, allowing time for processing. A Non-attendance card will be issued. Students will gather into family groups, show the card and then be allowed to meet with their parents to go home. If children are not attending clubs then parents are required to collect them promptly at 2.10pm. The school bus transportation is only available at 3.10pm when Clubs finish.