No: 1   Date: 12-05-2019
Dear Parents,
I, on behalf of the management and the staff thank you for the support and co-operation extended to make the year 2018-19 a successful one.
We expect the same spirit to continue in the years to come. At this juncture we are glad to inform you that we have reached our maximum strength so we are in a position to fill only the vacancies arising in each class.
Therefore, we would like to know if your child proposes to continue his/her studies in our school for the academic year 2019-20. You are requested to visit the school and fill the re-registration form indicating your decision and submit it to the Registrar on or before Thursday, 16/05/2019. If you wish to continue, please pay 5% of tuition fees as a non-refundable re-registration fee which will be adjusted only in the first term tuition fees of the same child.
If you do not make the re-registration fees payment we will consider this as a withdrawal of your child to enable us to admit new students in his/her vacancy. No further claims for continuation will be entertained after the date of submission.

Please note that only those who have paid all the fees including transportation for the academic year 2018 – 2019 are eligible for re registration.
We solicit your co-operation in this regard.

No: 2   Date: 02-05-2016
Welcome to Creative British School Website
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our web practice at, where we can now provide you with additional services.
Dear Parents,
It is with great pleasure we announce that the new CBS website was launched recently at - richer in information, more user-friendly and more interactive.
It features an important section enables profiles of students. These profiles allow you to read more about the day to day activities of your children in the school. The website also provides up-to-date information about events of CBS. Finally, we encourage you to get acquainted with this new website in the best way possible: explore as many sections as you can, open the links and maybe most importantly, let us know what you think at