“School must move from educational centres to becoming knowledge and skill centres .”  - A P J ABDUL KALAM

School should be a place where good memories are made with lessons learned and ambitions achieved. Where friendships are created that last a lifetime, gaining knowledge and experiences that will prepare us for adventurous lives ahead. It is about quality of learning and teaching, but it is also about creating a warm, enthusiastic and exciting environment in which young people can learn, create and innovate to succeed. We are committed to providing a quality education with high expectations at Creative British School.

Our approach to learning ensures that our students become active and independent learners. We teach a modern, broad and balanced curriculum built on the internationally recognized National Curriculum for England, whilst incorporating the most up to date practice from around the world and ADEC required initiatives.

We aim to provide an inspiring academic education for each individual student and be recognised as one of the leading schools in Abu Dhabi for its academic provision, while building confidence and developing initiatives in our students within a safe, happy and inclusive school. It is also a place, that when the time comes for us to leave, we are happy to be moving on, but also sad to be leaving a place we love. This is what the Creative British School is aiming for and so very much more. We want our students and families at the very heart of all that we do. Our sole purpose is to educate every one of our students by supporting them academically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, culturally and socially: a truly holistic education that prepares them for the life of their future.

Educating children is an absolute privilege but also a huge responsibility. We wish to share with our entire community Students, Parents, Staff and the community at large. We understand that to reach this goal of developing global citizens of the future, we need a strong and effective partnership with parents. In all that we do, we recognize that education and learning is an ongoing and shared responsibility between home and school.

Wishing you all an exceptionally successful year. We look forward to growing our school together to take its place as one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, sending exceptional students out into the world.
If you are a new or existing parent we have an open door policy. If you would like your child to be part of our exciting future please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to provide you with any further information you require or to arrange a date to visit our developing school.

Ms. Kim Migneron .